Your MLs

MLs, or Municipal Liaisons, seem like an unstoppable force.  They are veteran Wrimos who organize in-person meet-ups and parties, send out regular pep-filled e-mails, answer questions, and generally serve as the cheerleaders for the region and beyond.

Calgary has two splendid MLs that dedicate pretty much everything to the community every November.  Here they are:

Xanateria (who also answers Josie or Josiah on Facebook) first attempted NaNo in 2005, but didn’t log her first win until 2006, when she discovered the hugely supportive community in Calgary. When she’s not helping pull NaNo together every year, she works as a home support worker for seniors and enjoys spending time online reading far too much fanfiction.

Naiya Azurewater (Candice, UBC Engineer, Hey You) has been doing NaNoWriMo since 2004. She lives in the SE, works as an engineer, and spends too much time with another NaNo denizen Lord Mork. In addition to Mork, she’s owned by two children and a grumpy old man cat.

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