Code of Conduct

Online only or not, Calgary Nano has a 3 strikes system for our regional rules. The first time you break a rule, we will gently explain where you have gone wrong, and remind you to please follow the rules. If you break it again, you will be asked to remove the post involved or possibly leave the event you are currently attending. If you break a rule a third time, we reserve the right to mute or ban you as necessary. We understand that mistakes happen, but we expect people to make a genuine effort.

1) Calgary NaNo is a G-rated region. This year our content is all online: including chat and social media contributions, Zoom gatherings, or any other virtual gathering platforms we may decide to add later. All content on ALL platforms MUST BE G RATED.

Discussion of adult or triggering content is not allowed at any online events, or during group discussions. These topics include but are not limited to: self-harm, suicide, rape/sexual assault, incest, or graphic sex and/or violence.

We understand that writers sometimes need to discuss these things. But, we have created and intentionally safe space, so please do so away from the main group. As such, you may also choose to participate in Calgary NaNo Unfiltered. Find it here: or the NaNo at Night Discord Server here:

PLEASE NOTE – Calgary NaNo Unfiltered is designed as a space for our Wrimos where anything goes. It is USER BEWARE for any and all possible adult and/or explicit content. Personal harassment or instigation of illegal activity is NOT ALLOWED but at this point, those are the only rules.

2) Calgary NaNo is a safe space. We have worked hard to make our region a safe and welcoming space for EVERY person who chooses to attend. Every Wrimo may choose to share about their writing as they see fit. Every person who chooses to participate in the group MUST use the correct name and pronouns for other Wrimos. In this group, the correct usage ALWAYS refers to those you have been asked to use. Where possible, please add your pronouns to the name you use in chat or on Zoom.

Obviously, there are other factors that also relate to safety that are too numerous to list here. If another Wrimo does something to make you feel unsafe, please inform a ML immediately and the situation will be dealt with at their discretion.

3) Calgary NaNo has zero tolerance for discrimination. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to discriminate against another Wrimo on the grounds of age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or any other factor of diversity that would be protected under the human rights act.

4) Your MLs appreciate if you would RSVP on the for events in November. Knowing how many Wrimos to expect helps us to plan activities and content to keep things running smoothly. If you are uncertain how to do this, please ask a ML.

5) Respect our group limits on self-promotion. We know that a lot of our Wrimos are trying to make it as professional writers or editors. We also know that many of you are supplementing your income with a variety of small business opportunities. However, we DO NOT allow self-promotion within our group without consent from a ML. No Wrimo may use our events to distribute promotional materials or non-Nano event invitations. This is not what Calgary NaNo is for. If there is MUTUAL interest on an individual basis, please discuss exchanges away from the group, but only with explicit consent. Self-promotion is still limited if the product is writing related. Each Wrimo is allowed one post per NaNo to promote a novel on our Facebook group, regional website or forums, but they MUST still have consent from a ML. Spam of any sort for any reason is grounds for immediate and permanent removal from our group.

6) We know the pandemic is on everyone’s minds. However, if you choose to post content regarding covid or related public health measures, YOU MAY ONLY POST FACT BASED, SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE INFORMATION. We do not allow pseudo-science, fear mongering, or propaganda. Period. Posts that break this rule may be removed without warning. If you continue to post such things, we reserve the right to limit your ability to post, and to ban you from participating in online events. Misinformation harms the most marginalized among us. It will never be tolerated here. This is not a space where this will be debated.

7) Writing comes first – During NaNoWriMo season (for our region this is Oct 15-Dec 7 or so), we ask that you try to keep your posts related to all things NaNo, writing, and advice surviving NaNo as much as possible. With events shifted to online, we aren’t going to require that you only talk writing and NaNo. We want this to be a space you can connect with your Wrimos and encourage each other, support each other and commiserate or celebrate as needed but please be reasonable with the content and number of posts.

During the NaNo offseason (i.e. the rest of the year), you may post non-NaNo content, but it but we ask it be related to writing in some way. After all, that is what we are all here for. Exceptions MAY be made if we feel your content would be of interest to the entire group. However, you must contact a ML before posting each time you feel you have something that should be posted. Prior permission does not carry over. There are many factors that need to be addressed before we know if the is suitable for our Wrimos. Please help us make an informed choice by getting in touch BEFORE you post.

8) Always remember that NaNoWriMo is a self-challenge. Your word count is something to be proud of no matter how many or how few words you manage. Do not compare yours against anyone else’s, except in the spirit of the friendly competition our region is known for. But, please remember, this NaNo isn’t just different because it’s virtual. It’s different because this pandemic and everything that comes with it has taken a toll on us all. This year, more than ever before, you need to try to be gentle with yourself if your word counts are lower.

9) Remember, your MLs are here to help. If you have a problem or if another Wrimo make you feel uncomfortable or violates the rules in a way that makes you feel unsafe, please tell a ML immediately. This part isn’t a rule so much as a very sincere request, since if you don’t tell us there is a problem, we cannot help solve it. If you feel like you cannot make it to 50k (or whatever your goal is) and you need some support, cheerleading or help detangling plot problem, let us know. We want to see you cross that finish line, darn it. And, we know that this year presents many challenges that have nothing to do with your story. Need someone to listen while you vent about whatever is upsetting you in November? That is what we are here for. We will all get through this very different NaNo. No pandemic can get this best of the most fantastic Wrimos out there! If you need reminding, reach out. Now, more than ever before, we are all in this together.

10) In the past, we have encouraged folks to host their own write-ins. This year, we ask that you respect the fact that the NaNoWrimo organization has asked us not to gather in person (please feel welcome to set up your own zoom or chat-based events, though!). It simply isn’t safe, and there is no way to make it so. Cases are rising in many places including in Alberta. We all need to do our part to keep ourselves and other safe. If you choose to meet in person, despite the mandates from NaNoWriMo and your lovely MLs, understand that you are then solely responsible for any consequences.


Naiya and Xanateria – your intrepid ML duo

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